Une Grande Affaire – Virginia and Mick’s Wedding

Virginia – Jenna for short, and that’s how her friends call her – and Mick are a busy, quirky, upbeat young couple. They live in a loft, downtown. Jenna zips around on a baby-blue Vespa. When they decided to get married, one thing was clear: it would be “no-frills.” But it would be a great party with all their (many) friends, their parents, a lot of good food, a lot more good stuff to drink, and even more dancing. Very easy.

But even “easy” takes a lot of time, effort, and planning, and so the two turned to A Day Like No Other for help, and I was happy to jump right in! And as weddings go – their wedding, too, became bigger and better,  and – to speak with their French theme and their French friends – “une grande affaire!”

Jenna’s and Mick’s invitation became the theme for the party…

Jenna and Nick chose the brick patio of the historic Forest Hill Clubhouse for their wedding ceremony, and – literally – Heavens (the celestial Weather Department, to be precise) smiled on them: it turned out to be one of those perfect, golden October days when San Francisco is the most beautiful.

Bride and bridesmaids were made even more beautiful in an impromptu onsite beauty salon by Belle by Marine, hidden away from any advance glimpses by the groom, and then, to the  music of cellist Suellen Primost, the bride walked down the aisle on her Dad’s arm to meet her groom:

Friends and family had gathered from far and wide…

A truly romantic setting

Happiness – and a gorgeous dress

The ceremony was officiated by Amanda Bowman, a close friend…

who has just presented the two “for the first time – as husband and wife!”

Jenna and Mick held a champagne reception on site – and guests were invited to take their champagne flutes with them as keepsakes. The couple had lovingly inscribed every single glass with their initials.

From the Champagne reception, the bridal party took stretch limousines (with a surprise of “Just Married” soda cans clattering from behind the rear bumper…), and everyone else boarded a big tour bus to a reception and dance party downtown, at “The Box SF,” a hip urban event space located in a former factory building. Jenna and Mick loved the raw, industrial look and had opted for minimal  (I did not listen and added some nonetheless…). Here the party is already underway:

While DJ Chris took care of the music, everyone feasted on French delicacies by La Bonne Cuisine…

… beautifully presented on raw logs with moss and succulents, from which I took my cue for various centerpieces…

What would a French dinner be without dessert… and La Bonne Cuisine did not disappoint:

Macarons and Creme brûlée presented on suspended “floating” trays

Various performances by friends and family members were the highlights of the evening: the bride’s sister and Maid of Honor had written a song for Jenna and performed it  “en lieu” of the requisite toast- a huge success …

…as was the performance of Jenna’s friend Marie who sung a slightly “risqué” very French couplet “to Jenna and Mick” of her own composition, accompanying herself on the accordion:

And then the bride herself, accompanied by her bridesmaids, let it rip for her new husband… they are all terrific dancers!

… and the party was just HUGE! Everyone had a really good time – and me too…

… because this is why I love my job! Thanks, Jenna and Mick, for making me a part of your Great Day, and have a wonderful marriage!

Wedding Coordination and Design: A Day Like No Other

Many thanks to my Dream Team:

Kelli DeSeelhorst, my assistant

Suellen Primost, Ceremony music

Marine Vaisset, Hair and Makeup 

The Party Staff, Keith Linzey, Champagne Bar

Forest Hill Clubhouse, Ceremony venue

The Box SF, Reception venue, Danielle Amato and team

La Bonne Cuisine catering

Chris Dudzine, DJ, [email protected]

United Coach Tours, guest transportation

City Express Limousine Service, bridal party transportation