Let’s not forget it: the ceremony is what the whole wedding is about. Not the dress, not the party…it’s about two people committing to one another for a lifetime. The ceremony is at the core of the whole wedding experience, the festivities, the planning frenzy, everything.

Nevertheless this most important part of the wedding is often given the least consideration. So let’s do it differently! Let’s start with your ceremony.

What is right for you? A ceremony at church or another house of worship? A nondenominational, but still spiritual ceremony? A civil ceremony, maybe followed by another ceremony of a traditional, ethnic, or religious nature at a different time and place? Who will be your officiant?

The nature of the ceremony will largely guide your choice of venue – and more, a lot more on that later!

For now – think of what the two of you want to promise to one another. This is something coming from the heart, and this is what will become your vows. Take your time to find out what it is. Nothing else matters nearly as much as what you actually mean by finally announcing, “I Do!”