Wedding photography has come a long way. Just for fun, look up the first wedding “daguerreotypies” taken in the second half of the 19th century. With exposure times of several minutes, the subjects were staring into the camera – no smiles, ever! Nowadays, that’s what we are after: to capture the joy and exuberance of the day, the spontaneity and the special moments. That’s what a professional wedding photographer can do for you. Don’t try to economize on photography. This will be your only tangible memory of the most special day in your lives, and it should be the best you can possibly afford!

Another way of keeping the memory is a professional wedding video. And I mean “professional!” While you may have well-intentioned friends or uncles with a video camera, it won’t be the same (unless your uncle is, in fact, a pro!). It begins with the camera angles, the lighting, and capturing scenes from different areas – which mostly requires a second shooter – it goes on with the cutting, editing, and film music… Don’t fool yourself. A professional videographer might shoot hours of footage and then cut the material to a 30 minute video that perfectly captures the mood of your day. An amateur video will rarely do that for you. At an extra fee, you can even have “same-day edits:” that allows you to show a video of your afternoon ceremony after dinner!

Here is a little teaser

Lastly, we need to talk about styles. Photo is not photo, and video is not just video! I’ve been through all that research so you needn’t start all over. To be continued soon!