Every little girl’s secret dream – to be a princess at least one day in her life, in the most spectacular dress imaginable!

My beautiful new daughter was no exception to that rule. Finding the perfect dress was high up on her list of priorities. I felt so honored that she actually asked me for assistance in finding that masterpiece, and together we pored over countless photos, online and in magazines, narrowed the selection down to a few favorites, and set out to try them on. First thing we found out – not every style fits every body type!

My daughter had originally set her sights on a mermaid style – figure-hugging and flowing. But she had to accept that this style made her slender body look like a stick figure. You really need some curves to look your best in such a dress! She settled on a simple strapless ballroom gown encrusted with crystals, and that brought out her ballerina figure. Perfect!

So… take an honest look at yourself. Most of us are NOT a supermodel size, and some of us even have a few little imperfections to hide. No problem – the selection of dresses is HUGE! The only problem is objectivity. Or rather – the lack of it. You fell in love with that particular dress, and you fail to see that it does nothing to hide these little flaws and to enhance your assets.  During one of our visits to bridal stores, I watched a pretty – and a little chubby – young bride, about 5 ft tall, trying on a frilly confection with a ballroom skirt covered with tulle ruffles. She loved it – and I overheard another customer remark, “she looks like an overflowing washing machine.” Mean, but unfortunately true…

Let’s get back to this subject and find the perfect dress for you, too!