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A Day Like No Other – Wedding Coordination and Design is committed to creating, planning, and executing truly unique wedding celebrations. I will help couples to crystallize their ideas into an overall theme for their Great Day, I will create a design concept tailored to the exact wishes, visions and needs of the couple, and I will see the process through from the earliest stage of mere ideas to vendor booking, timeline establishment, ceremony planning and flawless execution of the wedding day.


takes care of each and every detail, from design to timeline to organization, and sees couples through from engagement to Wedding Day.

And for couples who wish to do most of the planning and organization themselves, but would like to rely on a professional consultant to pull all the details together into one comprehensive plan, to assist in the last weeks leading up to the Great Day and to coordinate the day of the wedding, A Day Like No Other offers:


with help in the planning process, wrap-up and final touches during the last month leading to and coordination of the Wedding Day.

Last but not least, A Day Like No Other also offers fully CUSTOMIZED PLANNING following the wishes of the specific client; a detailed plan will be developed in close collaboration between Coordinator and the couple to assist in all areas where professional help is desired.

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