Dogs Shop Till They Drop – at Diggidy Dog!

Ask our dog Buzz (the “woof” in Wedding Woof) where he wants to go, and he’ll tell you: not to the beach, not to the dog park, but to his all-time favorite dog store: Diggidy Dog in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Diggidy Dog is as fun and upbeat as its name, and truly dog heaven in the middle of the probably most dog-friendly city in all of California. Buzz will find his way to the store from anywhere (literally), even if we haven’t been to Carmel for a whole year (as just happened). Today he marched toward the store and right inside with us in tow and immediately succumbed to a serious attack of shopping frenzy. Have a look and feel with him:

He immediately began shopping (with my wallet) meaning he started choosing his favorite treats from the bins conveniently displayed within his reach.

He zeroed in on a new delicacy – lamb oesophagus. I guess you have to be a dog to truly appreciate how good that is. The first one was gone in no time. Our task was just to trail behind and keep track of what our darling was devouring on the go!

Diggidy Dog is run by Napisa and Jeff Pollock, a cute husband-and-wife team of dog lovers/owners, and has been a fixture in downtown Carmel as long as I can think back. As you can see, it’s not only appealing to dog tastes but simply beautiful and stylish for the dogs’ human companions as well!

Here we are all three – Buzz, owner Napisa (who gave him a big decorated cookie as a welcome gift “after all that time away,” ) and me; Buzz already showing the first signs of impending food coma!!

“We wanted to create a store that catered to the pets themselves,” Napisa and Jack explained, “in a space that had the room and layout to allow for an overall fun shopping experience. The products we offer at our store are all decided upon by how unique, functional, and healthy they are. Made in the USA, and having a certain level of style are also a huge factor that determines whether or not it gets floor space at Diggidy Dog. Of course we also prefer to support the small independent vendors, as that’s what helps us to stand out from the big corporate stores. Our own personal experience with our past pets, combined with what our current dog, Ellie the 5 lb mini pincher, likes, also help us decide what’s for sale at Diggidy Dog. If Ellie won’t touch it, it likely won’t make the sales floor!”

Plus – the vast selection of treats, toys, apparel, and especially collars and leashes, is really what makes Diggidy Dog stand out. They’ve even begun making our own t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies for dogs!

So next time you are in the area, check it out. Diggidy Dog is an adventure (for your pooch) just by itself! Maybe you are even in Carmel for a wedding? It’s a fabulous location to tie the knot… Look up the feature of Stonepine Estate here on Weddingwoof – just an example of what a dog-friendly AND extravagantly elegant wedding venue looks like in the Carmel area. Get inspired… and get yourselves to Diggidy Dog!